e-biurowce – a new ethereal office building with garden is designed at the heart of Szucha’s Avenue

The SZUCHA Premium Offices offer 8000 sq m to its tenants, 3 levels of underground parking, 3 cascading terraces that total 1200 sq m as well as retail outlets, conference rooms and food courts.As a part of the investment, a 19th Century Maria Agapijew’s Palace is going to be redecorated. The redecorated Palace shall offer space of 1000 sq m for restaurant-club functions. It will be surrounded by hundred meter freely accessed green garden. The general investor is yet to be confirmed but per Artur Nowakowski, the Managing Director of Green Property Group – the Company is in the final stages of negotiations with three potential companies interested in the building the architect of which is Boleslaw Stelmach, the author of the architectural concept of the Chopin’s Centre in Warsaw, the expansion of the Polish Parliament or the revitalisation of Chopin’s birth place in Żelazowa Wola.


Architecture is about transformation of space to live and it should be a syntheis of Nature and Culture. A newly designed project at Szucha is an attempt to combine those two elements into life” – says the architect Boleslaw Stelmach quoting M.Budzynskiego. stwierdza cytując M. Budzyńskiego architekt Bolesław Stelmach. From the garden side, which surrounds the former villa of Maria Agapijew’s, dominates the beauty of the old trees – wonderful larches, limes and oaks. Whereas, from Szucha Avenu and Litewska street the atmosphere is created by 19th Century mansion houses and the architecture from the interwar times. Such contexts made a design a union of two worlds. From the west, we see a „green” wooden-glass structure which is to be covered by greenery. On the lower part and of the roof of the project, we are to experience the floating gardens so that create an impression of greenery to enter the building itself. From the east, the Szucha project is shaped by vertical white concrete prefabricated elements the rhythm and elegance of which should complement the houses in the closest neighbourhood. – explains Boleslaw Stelmach.

Szucha Street connects Plac Unii Lubelskiej with Plac na Rozdrożu and belongs to the urban concept called Stanislav’s Axle, the creator of which was the Stanislav August Poniatowski. Along the street the following institutions have their seats: the Constitutional Tribunal and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The avenue is linked directly with Ujazdowskie Avenue, which is a part of the Royal Tract that runs through the Three Crosses’ Square and Nowy Swiat up to the Royal Square. The SZUCHA addresses the needs of the demanding clients who seek a noble location and bespoke architecture – says Artur Nowakowski, the Managing Director of Green Property Group. With only 650-meter long street Szucha is one of the most beautiful and prestigious avenues in Warsaw. It has preserved the pre-war ethos and it is a seat of the crucial state and diplomatic entities.

Green Property Group is a Polish Investment Group operating in the commercial real Estate market that has made available over  200 000 sq m of warehouse, office and residential space. Apart from SZUCHA Premium Offices, the Company intends to build a 30+ storey office building just opposite the shopping mall Arkadia.