SZUCHA view from Szucha corner Litewska
SZUCHA view from Szucha street
SZUCHA night view
SZUCHA view from Litewska street
SZUCHA lobby
SZUCHA lobby
SZUCHA lobby
SZUCHA underground garage
SZUCHA 6th floor
SZUCHA Rotwand's Palace and garden
SZUCHA 3rd floor
SZUCHA 3rd floor tarases

SZUCHA – Premium offices

It would be challenging to find a more prestigious location in the city of Warsaw.

The SZUCHA project is located in the heart of the city center, at the corner of Litewska and Szucha streets. SZUCHA is the highest form of pure architecture, with a focus on design, efficiency and comfort with an abundance of natural light in the work space.

The project also features a green terrace and a purpose-built restaurant as well as conference facilities. The location of Aleja Jana Christian Szucha 19 is arguably one of the most historic points in Poland.

The neighbors are a prestigious mix of institutions and embassies and features the highest standards of architecture in the nation’s capital. The neighbors include The Prime Minister’s Office, Apostolic Nunciature in Poland, Constitutional Tribunal, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, several embassies, and historic theatres.