Projektinwestor – Polish Pearl of Architecture. Szucha Premium Offices

In the next installment of our series, we present the office building Szucha Premium Offices, commissioned last year. The building was designed by renowned architect Bolesław Stelmach. The office-garden project, with the villa at the bottom of the plot, was supposed to fit into the surroundings of historical and important buildings, such as the headquarters of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister or the headquarters of the Constitutional Tribunal.

Nowa Warszawa – the construction of Szucha shall Begin in the autumn

The construction of the office building „Szucha Corner”, which is designed at the corner of Szucha’s Avenue and Litewska Street, shall begin in the autumn. A project has been created by a prominent architect Boleslaw Stelmach. The project will offer 8000 sqm to its tenants with a freely accessed green garden and it will be adjacent to the redecorated 19th Century Maria Agapijew’s Palace. Czytaj dalej